Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lost Internet

My day to day job that supports our family is that I am an environmental engineer. I work for a consulting firm here in Florida that specializes in creating computer modeling simulations that can answer predictive questions about how water movement will behave for a specific area. Often this is for the purposes of flood control, restoration, public policy or permitting. Though I work for a private company the majority of our clients are municipalities (city or county agencies) and the water management districts (regional water use authorities).
We just started a new project for one of these government agencies that entails me needing to log in remotely to their computers to do the work. Guess what that means? No more internet or other such distractions at work. Being that I’ll be on government computers everything is logged by crazy tight security because everything is public record. I understand the need for this, tax payer’s money and all. I’m presuming that still using MS Word is fine though, being a legit licensed program and all, even if I’m just using it to compose this blog post to put up later. I guess you guys will be hearing a lot more from me as I find something to do other than “work”, lol. Unfortunately, this means that I may be slow on giving others comments, or responding to comments.
I’m sure going to miss having access to my personal e-mail, my google reader, facebook and cafĂ© mom so much. I’ll probably end up on the computer all night now once I’m home to make up for it.

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