Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holiday Crafting Time Is Here

One holiday down a few successful crafts done, some cute spiders and ghosts I might say. Now the biggie looms ahead. Yes I am referring to Christmas. I need to quickly get my act together and my fingers a working. Before I even think of New things to make I need to finish those I didn't last year.

  • I started 'Lil R's stocking, it is a stocking but it is still lacking his name on it. That is a high priority.
  • In the after xmas sales we bought a lot of women ornament picture frames to paint and put in pictures of 'Lil R for the family.
  • Also bought in those same sales are a few cross-stitch decorations to finish.

Other items to be made that only exist as ideas are:

  • Paper fireplace to put on the wall to 'hang' the stockings above for the kids.
  • Amigurumi decorations, a snowman, reindeer, Santa
  • Loads of others I haven't thought of yet.

Anything anyone else is planning to make specifically for the holidays? I'm always looking for more ideas.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

We've Returned

Life has finally begun to return back into the normal swing of things since we returned from our long vacation. A week away in the woods at FPG was good for us all but now it's back to the normal day to day.

A recap of what has occurred since I last posted. Lil' R had a blast on Halloween. IMG_4905 He had a blast with Daddy going from house to house. We under-estimated the number of children we would have come by the house and ran out of candy. Next year we know to get another 2 bags. We also had friends over prepping for the camping trip by pre-cooking many of our meals. Amidst the cooking around 9:30pm the power for the entire neighborhood went out, including the nearby Super Walmart. It took almost 2 hours for it to come back on. Luckily for the sake of the food we were only simmering a pot of beef stew at the time so it survived perfectly fine. Overall though it was a wonderful night to be had spent with friends. Actually for the entirety of my vacation we were constantly surrounded by people and that was a great change from our normally very quiet life. By the end of it though I was happy to just come home and catch the Season Finale of Tool Academy with the Hubby.

While out in the wood of Ocala National forest we did enjoy ourselves. We got to see some wildlife, including Sandhill Cranes, a black bear, and heard tale of an alligator in the lake but no one ever caught site of him. There was also the normal friendly visits of the camp dogs. Two of our good friends were married whilst we were out there and it was a beautiful ceremony and boy what a spread of food did they put out. All and all we came back with loads of wonderful stories. We spent some great time with some of our dearest friends and got to connect a bit better with a few other people. I already can't wait until the next one in May.

Happy Friday the 13th Everyone!

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