Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hurray for the Weekend

So I finally get a full weekend and really there isn't much to do around here other than the typical house stuff. No all day training for work on Sunday, no birthday parties, no get together (though that wouldn't be horrible), no nothing. Hubby has been working very diligently all morning on the yard trying to get it back into a semblance of decency. I've been on toddler duty the entire time which I have to say is extremely trying. Lil' R seems to just be in a cranky mood today and nothing is working. I finally got him settled with some lunch and some Sprout on TV which is working fine. Afterwards should be nap time.

I feel so unmotivated today. Yesterday I was just so down that I was on the verge of tears constantly and I had no clue as to why. Earlier in the week hubby and I worked somethings out and since then it's been great. He's been being much more patient and listening better. Still some things to work out as there always will be but nothing there was the reason for why I was feeling down. I caught myself trying to find reasons though, manufacturing things really. It's hard to except being depressed with no reason. I just feel so "broken" you could say when it's like that. I mean I have no reason to be down, I still am a bit today but not to the same degree. I hope it passes soon.

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