Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Accomplished Weekend

I didn’t get a lick of cleaning done and yet I still feel a bit accomplished over how much we did this past weekend. Friday night I had to run to the grocery store and pick up things for out pot-luck picnic with Hubby’s Daddy group on Saturday. I made both a yummy, very healthy pasta salad (cherry tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted peppers, olive oil, mozzarella, spices and pasta) and horribly unhealthy marshmallow treat squares. The pasta salad was a huge hit actually, so that will now go officially into the pot luck repertoire. We had a great time though; Ft. Desoto is a very nice beach not too far from us. It was listed as the #1 beach in the country in 2005 I believe. It was Lil’ R’s first time out on nice white sand and waves. Gosh was it windy making the water pretty choppy. Overall we spent about 3 hours out in the sun, I and Hubby ended up getting a bit burned but not Lil’ R. Seems he missed getting the lobster gene, which I am greatly thankful for. Even with applying sunscreen he’s a bit tanner now. That pretty much killed the day, and we were wiped when we got home.

DaddyGroup 075

We did learn some things though:

1. The new wagon ROCKS! and was a great asset to have to carry things from the car out to the beach.

2. One large towel would have been enough, save the packing room.

3. Remember to reapply the sunscreen.

4. Work on packing skills, lol.

The rest of the day was pretty much a wash with little constructive getting done, though I did think about starting to pack for our camping trip we leave for on Tuesday. I even printed out the packing list.

Sunday turned out to be a big getting things done day. I grocery shopped and we hit 2 stores getting supplies for the camping trip. Worked lunch and a nap in there somewhere, also got Lil ‘R his first real big boy haircut and Hubby installed 3 of the 4 ceiling fans in the house. The one left to do is the one in baby #2’s room. I don’t think she needs it just yet. Hubby has become a pro at doing the fans though so I’m sure he can have it up in 30 minutes one day after our camping trip. Somehow I irked out at the end of the evening getting most of our stuff packed too. Still some more to do tonight but I at least don’t feel like I’ve done nothing. Tomorrow it will be up to Hubby to finish off the last odds and ends and load the truck.

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