Thursday, May 20, 2010

Home/Work Balance, What is that?

You ever feel like either you can be the good employee or you can be a good wife & mother but never both at the same time? Right now I feel like I’m not doing very good at either position right now. At work I feel like I’m the one putting in the least effort. Everyone else in the office is putting in extra hours to get these projects out the door and I’m maybe working maybe 2 or 3 beyond the 40, if that. The pressure to work more and to exceed our deadline is very much there too. We’re trying to establish some new client relationships so we almost want to go above and beyond so we can keep getting more work down the road. And I feel stuck in this no win situation right now. Either I am the great employee putting in the extra effort but neglecting my family as a result or I’m the good wife & mother. As the good wife & mother I’m always fearing that as the least willing employee to put in the extra effort I’ll always be passed up for good bonuses, better raises and my worst fear, being replaced by someone willing to be that good employee.

I don’t know what to do. I see no good way out of this situation, the only thing I can think to do is attempt to build our savings up well and hope that my job really is secure. At the moment extra time in, even an extra hour a day doesn’t seem to be an option without majorly affecting my home responsibilities. This is one of those hide under a rock feelings, that’s for sure.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

29 Week Check-Up

So far so good, I saw the Dr today to check on how baby bean #2 was doing. Her heartbeat sounds great, she’s moving around well, my blood pressure and weight is still good. Well the weight is okay in my mind. I’m at 20lbs gained so far which is more than I would like for the total pregnancy but eh it’s still in the healthy range. I just need to watch the late evening snacking on sweets. Once I eat the last of the cookies, no more sweets.

Because I desire to work all the way until delivery if I can the Dr. also told me I need to start taking it really easy and resting A Lot. I don’t know how exactly that is going to work though. I mean my job isn’t physically strenuous in any way. I sit at a desk all day long. What’s tiring is the stuff at home, cooking dinner, helping to chase a toddler, and other generalities. It’s a lot of up and downs that start wearing on me after a bit. I wonder how the Drs orders are going to be pulled off. Right now we’re pretty even on who does what, I do the cooking but Hubby does most of the care of Lil ‘R and we split the cleaning. I’m not on bed rest or anything of the sort but seems I shouldn’t be standing for long, I shouldn’t mop or cleaning like that for the rest of the pregnancy. Hubby does the vacuuming so I’m all good there, but sweeping is normally by duty. I foresee that either my house isn’t going to be as clean as it normally is, I’m not going to listen to the Dr completely, or Hubby is going to be exhausted by the time she does get here because of doing most of the chores.

I’ll keep everyone updated on how that all goes.

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