Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Update

First the surprise shower was great and there were a few true surprises about it. There were a few people there that I had no idea would come and a few I was surprised to not see. The girls even did a small raffle and a few other prizes. We now have some cash for pizza to cover the first night home with Baby Bean #2. We also got to spend some time with a few friends that we don't see nearly enough, the wife being one of the organizers of the shower. I was so happy to have something done.

Other than that the 2 last major things are done for the babies room. I finished the curtains and we finished painting the closet doors. They should be good to be reinstalled today by Hubby. Maybe he'll surprise me and get her room vacuumed too. Now that'd be nice. Then just a few last little details and voila! Yeah, I finally feel ready for her to arrive. Late last evening the nesting bug hit me full force too. I've heard that can come on right before labor happens. I really hope so. I'll be full term tomorrow so we're all ready. :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ruining Surprises

Oh my am I a flood of emotions right now. I'm exhausted from the OT I'm putting in at work that is causing me to be up at 6:30 every morning and on top of that I can't seem to get a decent night of quality sleep. I've so been hoping for 1 last good night before Baby Bean #2 arrives, just 1 more please? Is that so much to ask? But that combined with general life stress and the hormones is making my head a mess right now. I feel like I'm on a freakin' roller coaster.

Example is tomorrow is the day of my "surprise" shower. The surprise is now cause only Hubby knows that I figured it out. I think Hubby was a bit too excited over it and that's why he let comments regarding this weekend drop a bit too often. Add on top of that a few odd questions from a friend, along with some overheard comments and I had it figured out (including the day) 3 weeks ago. Though for confirmation it took my hormones taking over. When I asked Hubby the first thing he did was deny anything of course, trying to keep the surprise, and then I started crying cause I thought I'd gotten my hopes up over nothing. He cracked at that point, understandably.

Fast forward to today and I'm a mix of excited & anxious while part of me still thinks it's all a hoax and nothing will happen. I mean if it's a surprise they could just cancel it last minute and I'd never know right? I'm expecting the worst I swear and because that's how I'm thinking I may honestly be surprised tomorrow when whatever they're exactly planning gets pulled off.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yeah I'm definitely sick of being Pregnant

First off, general update. 36 weeks along now and as of yesterday 2 cm dialated so we're in the home stretch now!

In other news I've officially just become pissed at the world and really have no patience for anything. This is probably the result of lack of sleep coupled with being extremely uncomfortable. My Dr. says my ankles still exist so the swelling isn't That bad, but I beg to differ.

So the morning rant is on "friends" who regularly say sh*t to facebook status updates along the line of "if you need any help just ask" but yet can't respond back to e-mails to have a normal conversation. Yeah, this goes back to that friend I was trying to reconnect with months back. The person who I considered my closest friend for awhile and I was very hurt by the dwindling of that relationship. Months of utter BS have occurred. Early on I made multiple direct offers to invite her to come over, be it with the kids to hang out, for dinner etc. I even said specific days and/or weekends. She lives 5 minutes away too so the drive isn't an issue.

Now we're at a point where I've given up on e-mail conversations because I send one and they go back and forth 2 times or so but always leave off on mine having been the last. 2 weeks ago I recieve one from her! Oh wow! and Irespond right away (which happened to be early in the morning after she sent it) but I've never heard back. The only communication are some quick comments on status updates.

Honestly I thought I was over this but it seems that I'm not. Part of me wants to just blow up in an e-mail going WTF! and lay down exactly how I feel. Another part of me wants to delete her from everything and just move on. I don't know. I've never gone through these emotions really regarding a friendship. It's just driving me batty and I know the damn hormones aren't helping.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shower Gifts

Last Sunday was my sister-in-laws baby shower. I went off the registry sorta. I made her a few things instead of just purchasing something off the registry. This was for my normal 2 reasons, 1.) she knows I care cause of the effort I put in and 2.) well it costs less. Yeah I know that isn’t always the best reason especially when it’s a gift but hey I’m getting pretty damn good at sewing so I think my gifts rocked!!

So what the hell did I make for her? 2 sets of a Boppy pillow cover with 2 matching burp clothes. I did this in two different patterns of a thin fleece material. I also made a very cute summer dress that is sized for 12 months so my little niece can run around in it next year. I also made matching bloomers to go under it.

They were all a huge hit amongst the other women at the shower and I felt great getting so many compliments on them. The burp clothes should be good and functional too. The fleece is actually sewn around a Gerber pre-fold diaper so the absorbency should be great. If baby bean #2 is prone to spitting up I may make her a few for us. With Lil’ R we used so few of burp clothes that I’m currently not bothering to make us any. For him it was receiving blankets galore, we went through loads of them.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The curse of the "Almost"

Right now I have so many projects at home almost done. I mean by almost is that it would only take 20 minutes to finish but something keeps getting in the way. Once they’re finished I can finally get pictures of everything. Wohoo..

All of this almost stuff makes me to do list horrible. I’m almost done with:

• My sister-in-laws shower gifts. I just need to finish up the bloomers for the dress. I swear it’ll take almost no time tonight.
• The goodie bags for Lil’ R’s birthday on Saturday. We didn’t get enough of a few items to fill them but all are made that can be made. I think we’re only short 4 right now.
• I’m also almost done with all the edging of the paint in baby bean #2’s room. That’s becoming an issue of energy more than anything else really. Once the edging is done I can get Hubby’s help on the main part of the walls.

Side note: I’m thinking once baby bean #2 is here her online nickname will be Ravenette. Still thinking on it though.

• I thought I was done with organizing her clothes and then we were given even more! Now I need to start weeding out things to what we like not just everything we were given. I’ll either try to consign off some of the nicer items or just gift them all to others with their own little one on the way.

I hate this almost stage of things. I just want to be completed with things already. On top of it all I’m not sure if baby bean #2 is going to stay put until at least 39 weeks. I’m 34 weeks now and the Braxton hicks contractions are starting to get a bit too frequent too many days in a row.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Overtime Sucks

I’ve now passed over a week of working extra hours every day. I feel like I’m starting to get in a warm up for the sleepless nights to come in the future. I haven’t been going to bed any earlier at night; I’m just waking up an hour earlier every day. At least the guilt that I’m not pulling my weight in the office is beginning to subside. My boss has now seen a full time sheet with the extra hours and heard I’m coming in at 7am. He doesn’t come in himself until 9am (has to do the carpool for his middle school kids) but he’s prone to stay late and work weekends.

On the home front some things are wonderful, some doing good and some downright stressful.

The wonderful is that Hubby and I are getting each other better than ever I think. It is definitely needed right now and I’m handling many of these stresses much better as a result. I’m really hopeful that I’ll cope with the post-partum much better this time around.

The doing good are the preparations for Baby Bean #2. All items for the crib are finished except for the possible creation of a mobile. I’m still not sure about that. The painting of her room is in progress. The edging needs a second coat of paint and then the hardest stuff will be finished leaving only the main walls, touch up of the trim, and the closet doors. After the painting is done it’s just getting everything in place and hanging the wall decorations. Oh darn, forgot to mention I still need to sew the curtains. But I have the fabric for them already so that’s a start. We’re doing great on things like clothes too. The drawers and closet are organized by size. Everything is clean and ready to go. We have one more set of gifted clothing to receive I think and that’s it. This little girl will be very well dressed. She definitely has more than her brother did. She’s already set until 18 months!

The downright stressful is money. We had a pipe leak last week that involved needing to rip up part of the living room floor. We’ve put in the claim on our insurance but we’ll still have to cover the deductible. In the end I don’t have a clue how much we’ll be out. We’re currently having a battle with our cell phone bill too. We ran over our minutes by an extraordinary amount and I didn’t catch it in time. Now it’s trying to pay down that bill without them terminating our service. I think I can pay on it every month and just call in asking for extensions and we’ll be okay. To speed things up and save money in the long run we’ve signed up for a house phone through Verizon and I’m going to switch our cell phones to pre-paid. I think this could really save us a lot if I plan things right. The home phone will be essentially free for 1 year because of promotions too (thanks to Hubby on working that all out). We’ll be okay as long as nothing else major happens soon. It’s that necessity that worries me the most though. Soon we’ll need to figure out a new stream of income.

But that’s what has been going on with me. I hope to have pictures soon of Baby Bean #2’s room finished and other goodies done.

Until later!

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