Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Recent Crafts

Yes Yes I've been incredibly quiet. I've gotten a few things done at home though and here are some pictures. The first 2 are things I did awhile back for Lil' R's room.

KidsMementos 006

A Spiderman lightswitch cover for his room.

KidsMementos 007

And a matching wall clock that I made from a $4 Target clock.

 KidsMementos 001

Shadow boxes that I made for each of the kids. Each has decorations from their baby showers, their coming home outfits and then something else I thought meaningful. Below each shadow box are their hand and foot prints also.

KidsMementos 004

This is the top part of the growth chart that I just completed for them. It's hanging in their bathroom. It was very simple to make. All I did was paint a 1inx4inx6ft board, add markings for the side and then some eye hooks and picture hanger wire at the top to attach it to the wall. I covered up the wire with some white ribbon.

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