What is Finagling Life? Finagle to me means to get done by indirect ways, or to MacGyver using a pop culture reference. So Finagling Life is to make due with what I have available to get by day to day. The title is meant to convey the "chicken with its head cut off" feeling I so often experience just trying to get it all done.

Onto introductions, my name is Susan and this is my personal blog. If you've come here looking to find a bit more about me, the author behind the it all you've come to the right place. I guess I'll give in to your voyeuristic urges because well I am putting myself out here publicly for all to see.

I'm a wife and mother of two little ones, a full time working Environmental Engineer whose family defies all social norms. My husband stays at home full-time with our children while I work outside of the home. Though we are very social people the life with two small children has made us a bit of homebodies for the present.

I love to create things and generally I do so with fabric, thread or yarn. I have a goal of starting a from home business from the crafts I design but time is at a premium and it's taking awhile. Right now I'm honing my skills and practicing by making things for my family and friends. I try to display most of what I make here on the blog and to do tutorials when possible. 

I also love science and organization (surprise surprise I'm an engineer right?). I don't often post scientific articles but it frames my thought for about anything I do. I am always striving to find a better way to do something.

I hope you enjoy my blog and feel free to subscribe or leave a comment.

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