Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Schedule Woes

I thought things had been going well with the schedule change. I was loving the calmer pace it was encouraging both in the morning and at night. At night especially. I am no longer feeling like I need to walk in the door, give a quick hello and immediately beeline to the kitchen where I'll be in a frazzle to attempt to pull off a decent dinner in 30 minutes.

In the morning, yes it's much quieter because everyone is still asleep but I was able to take my time getting ready. And some days even just sit and watch the news for 5 minutes before I leave. The majority of that time is spent just taking more time to get dressed and put on make up. I'd also begun leaving the house 5+ minutes earlier so I could miss running into the school buses.

By comments though it seems this aspect of the new routine is having a negative impact on the rest of my family. Part of me feels like I'm being incredibly selfish and then another part feels that it's okay for me to have a time at home to just me. Looking back at what I just typed though, that comment is selfish in itself.

From writing this I've talked myself into switching the schedule back to how it was. Things being easier on me isn't worth it if it is having a negative impact on everyone else.

1 comment:

  1. Ugh, isn't that the worst feeling? When something for you feels like it's negative for everyone else? Easier said than done but I think you should still find a way to take some me-time. It's hard though.


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