Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another Great Find!

So through Craigslist I found something else we've been wanting at a great price second hand for exactly what I wanted, a Glider. Found glider with a ottaman (the latter was a must) for only $50.

With Lil' R we didn't get the glider, we didn't have the room at first as we lived in apartments while he was nursing. Hubby has an incredibly comfortable recliner that I used instead. This time around we thought it'd be very inconvenient to have to take the baby downstairs to the recliner again. Thus, I started keeping an eye out for a glider.

It matches the nursery furniture we already have, which is has all been gotten second hand but you'd swear we bought it all together. It's incredibly comfortable, which is a huge plus too.

Gliders new are insanely expensive in my opinion. At Babys 'r Us you generally won't find one for under $200. Many are around $400 and I didn't want to spend more than $50. Luckily for us many people are just trying to get some extra cash in and willing to take a huge cut in the cost to do so. I still feel guilty for getting it though. Oh I love it and am so happy we got it. It's going to get plenty of use and will surely be worth the money. $50 really isn't that much to spend on a splurge either BUT, we're trying to get out of debt right now and to buy it I had to pull money from savings. To buy many of the things we have, I've had to pull from savings recently. The balance is definitely being affected, especially with paying the health insurance deductible for the new baby too.

That raise I just got is keeping us afloat with paying larger amounts on our debt but it isn't enough to change things around quickly. I'm waiting anxiously for our tax return to arrive because besides being enough to buy a 'new' 2nd car for Hubby and the kids, there should be enough left to reduce our credit card debt by a third. We have 2 cards at the moment, it could pay off one of them in full, which is what I plan to do and then attack the other much harder.

I want to say we're done with the 'Extras' but we're not. Before summer comes we need to have ceiling fans installed, including the electrical work, for the 2 children's bedrooms, and put in a fan in our bedroom. I'm slating to have this done in April right now, which is when it'll start getting really warm again. Doing that though is an investment I think because it keeps us from having an insane electric bill because we'll be able to manage with the thermostat set to a higher temperature.

But ugh, does it ever end? At least, does it ever slow down?

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  1. I was so anti-glider based on the cost and then got an old one from my grandma for free so I was happy about that. I love having it now. If I was a rich girl I'd buy the Monte glider. But I'm not. So I won't.


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