Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hat #1 Finished

As planned I finished my first infant baby hat last night, Yippy!! It's a simple one and I may make a more complicated one if time permits. There is this really cute one that looks like a berry. Depending on the gender of my brother and SILs baby, (they're due 6 weeks after me) I may make it for them first as a gift.

Anyway here is a picture of the little hat, and it being modeled on Lil' R's Spiderman toy. He was very gracious to let me use it.

InfantHat3-10-2010 001 InfantHat3-10-2010 002






That means last night I began the baby blanket!! Yippy! I'm so happy to get started on that one, knowing I probably won't have it finished by the time the baby is here. It's going to be my evening project, meaning the one I work on while Hubby and I watch TV and chill at night. I always leave bigger sewing projects for the weekends because I can't do those in our "quite time".

On a different note I had a horrible dream last night. I dreamt that we lost the baby. I even dreamed of seeing her and holding her and she barely fit in my hand. I never had dreams like this with Lil' R but I'm sure it was brought on by the fact that a woman I know through CafeMom recently lost her 2 twins who were born at 22 weeks. I haven't felt her move much today either so I'm trying to stay calm and just work.

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