Tuesday, March 30, 2010

<<Shush...>> Be very very quiet....

Okay so after a few weeks of good regular posts I've been slacking I know. It really isn't that I've been incredibly busy but that I just haven't been up for sharing. The past week I've been mired in very depressive thoughts. Not the type I am going to entertain but putting them out there for the entire world. I love you guys, my regular visitors, maybe one day. I've gotten many of them worked out in the past day or so and I've laid most of the rest to bed. Hopefully now I can resume with my regularly scheduled programming.

Today was his 2nd trip out with Hubby to the Daddy group he found. They went to this place called Gator Fred's where I met them up for some pizza over lunch. It's a place full of bouncy houses, slides, etc. along with little areas with just toys. Seems Lil 'R was in love with the play kitchens. With us having a little girl on the way an investment in a play kitchen as a bigger unisex toy may not be such a bad idea come the holiday season. Though as to the place, not really sure if it's some place we'll be visiting again anytime soon. I really wasn't that impressed with it. Hubby seems to be really enjoying the Daddy group though which is good news. His best friend is also involved which makes it even better. Now once he he's juggling 2 little ones I hope he'll still be able to manage making it out. I keep hearing from friends that the first year is very tough when they're this close together (2 yrs). I'll just hope for the best.

Updates: Decided not to change the schedule back, that was in itself part of the above mentioned depression. Everything is fine though I have ended up seeing Lil 'R a few days in the mornings because he awoke incredibly early. He's also fighting this never ending cold that has turned his nose into a faucet. He went and visited the Dr. yesterday and it's nothing worse than a common cold. The Dr. said we could give him benedryll to help with the runny nose. That along with the humidifier should alleviate his cough too. We did that last night and though still there I think he's a bit better.

Crafting goes well though has slowed down after a great start. I'm almost done with everything for the glider. All the main slipcovers are done but I'm making armrest paded covers for it. They're all cut out, just need to finish sewing all the little ties and put it together. The knitted blanket is coming along great. I'm over a third of the way done. If I keep to schedule it will be done before she arrives but I expect the need to make other gifts for my sister-in-law may delay it some. I worry if I don't finish it before she's here it won't end up done.

Tata for now

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  1. I highly recommend a play kitchen. My little guy loves his. And if you don't want to wait until the holidays you can usually find good condition ones on craigslist.

    Sorry to hear about the down thoughts. They're tough to work through but I hope you're feeling better.


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