Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Hunt Has Begun

With having a little girl there are many things we can't reuse such as clothes and decorations. Luckily, most of the infant toys and things like that are pretty gender neutral. We generally have always chosen primary colors over blue dominated for our son.

Last night though we got our first bit of girl clothes from a listing on our local Freecycle group. We ended up with an assortment of sizes of girls clothes from 0-3m to 5T. Even a bunch of Dr. Brown's bottles. We'll definitely be needing more clothes but it's a good start. In all it was a very full tall kitchen garbage bag. We know 2 other people with little girls who are around 2 that may have stuff for us but neither lives too close. 1 is 45 minutes and the other is over an hour and a half away.

See there is the inherit problem in our social life. We Know people with kids it's just that none live very close. 30 + minute drives get old really quick. Also, because of the distance none have become close friends. A guess acquaintances are better than nothing.

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