Thursday, March 4, 2010

Craftyness Unleashed

Now that we know the gender of the baby it's time to start full tilt on the To Make list. Due to our desired theme and color scheme of the room their are many things I will need to make because I can't find them for reasonable prices in store or online.

Here is the list of what to create and hopefully I'll be posting pictures shortly as I finish each.

  1. Wooby (a crocheted lovey toy, it's a bunny head on a blanket)
  2. Knit hat
  3. Knit blanket
  4. Crib skirt
  5. Crib bumpers
  6. Curtains

The theme of the room is purple and yellow based from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. It's pretty hard to find licensed things from that movie specifically anymore, outside of the Disney Princesses items so I'm going to need to be creative.

The wooby I started last night and I ordered the yarn for the blanket too. That should be here next week.

On another note we found Lil' R a sandbox and picnic table in the paper last night at a steal of a price. Now to just get play sand!

BackyardToys 001b


  1. So jealous of the picnic table and sand box! Oh I wish I had a back yard.

    I love the Beauty & the Beast idea. You might have some luck finding things at party supply stores. I remembered seeing all sorts of licensed disney stuff at party city. Not that a plate is so great but maybe it can be decoupaged or framed or crafted up or something.

  2. Now we just need to get sand! I was reading that the play sand you buy at Lowe's contains things known to be carcinogens so we may need to go through a landscaping place and get beach sand. Going to do more research to find the real risk.

    The party store is a great idea! That may work well for wall art decorations. Thanks so much for the idea.


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