Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Update

First the surprise shower was great and there were a few true surprises about it. There were a few people there that I had no idea would come and a few I was surprised to not see. The girls even did a small raffle and a few other prizes. We now have some cash for pizza to cover the first night home with Baby Bean #2. We also got to spend some time with a few friends that we don't see nearly enough, the wife being one of the organizers of the shower. I was so happy to have something done.

Other than that the 2 last major things are done for the babies room. I finished the curtains and we finished painting the closet doors. They should be good to be reinstalled today by Hubby. Maybe he'll surprise me and get her room vacuumed too. Now that'd be nice. Then just a few last little details and voila! Yeah, I finally feel ready for her to arrive. Late last evening the nesting bug hit me full force too. I've heard that can come on right before labor happens. I really hope so. I'll be full term tomorrow so we're all ready. :)

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