Thursday, June 3, 2010

Overtime Sucks

I’ve now passed over a week of working extra hours every day. I feel like I’m starting to get in a warm up for the sleepless nights to come in the future. I haven’t been going to bed any earlier at night; I’m just waking up an hour earlier every day. At least the guilt that I’m not pulling my weight in the office is beginning to subside. My boss has now seen a full time sheet with the extra hours and heard I’m coming in at 7am. He doesn’t come in himself until 9am (has to do the carpool for his middle school kids) but he’s prone to stay late and work weekends.

On the home front some things are wonderful, some doing good and some downright stressful.

The wonderful is that Hubby and I are getting each other better than ever I think. It is definitely needed right now and I’m handling many of these stresses much better as a result. I’m really hopeful that I’ll cope with the post-partum much better this time around.

The doing good are the preparations for Baby Bean #2. All items for the crib are finished except for the possible creation of a mobile. I’m still not sure about that. The painting of her room is in progress. The edging needs a second coat of paint and then the hardest stuff will be finished leaving only the main walls, touch up of the trim, and the closet doors. After the painting is done it’s just getting everything in place and hanging the wall decorations. Oh darn, forgot to mention I still need to sew the curtains. But I have the fabric for them already so that’s a start. We’re doing great on things like clothes too. The drawers and closet are organized by size. Everything is clean and ready to go. We have one more set of gifted clothing to receive I think and that’s it. This little girl will be very well dressed. She definitely has more than her brother did. She’s already set until 18 months!

The downright stressful is money. We had a pipe leak last week that involved needing to rip up part of the living room floor. We’ve put in the claim on our insurance but we’ll still have to cover the deductible. In the end I don’t have a clue how much we’ll be out. We’re currently having a battle with our cell phone bill too. We ran over our minutes by an extraordinary amount and I didn’t catch it in time. Now it’s trying to pay down that bill without them terminating our service. I think I can pay on it every month and just call in asking for extensions and we’ll be okay. To speed things up and save money in the long run we’ve signed up for a house phone through Verizon and I’m going to switch our cell phones to pre-paid. I think this could really save us a lot if I plan things right. The home phone will be essentially free for 1 year because of promotions too (thanks to Hubby on working that all out). We’ll be okay as long as nothing else major happens soon. It’s that necessity that worries me the most though. Soon we’ll need to figure out a new stream of income.

But that’s what has been going on with me. I hope to have pictures soon of Baby Bean #2’s room finished and other goodies done.

Until later!

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  1. Yeah for the room! I hear you on the stress of money. Ugh. That's the worst because it's unavoidable.


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