Friday, June 25, 2010

Ruining Surprises

Oh my am I a flood of emotions right now. I'm exhausted from the OT I'm putting in at work that is causing me to be up at 6:30 every morning and on top of that I can't seem to get a decent night of quality sleep. I've so been hoping for 1 last good night before Baby Bean #2 arrives, just 1 more please? Is that so much to ask? But that combined with general life stress and the hormones is making my head a mess right now. I feel like I'm on a freakin' roller coaster.

Example is tomorrow is the day of my "surprise" shower. The surprise is now cause only Hubby knows that I figured it out. I think Hubby was a bit too excited over it and that's why he let comments regarding this weekend drop a bit too often. Add on top of that a few odd questions from a friend, along with some overheard comments and I had it figured out (including the day) 3 weeks ago. Though for confirmation it took my hormones taking over. When I asked Hubby the first thing he did was deny anything of course, trying to keep the surprise, and then I started crying cause I thought I'd gotten my hopes up over nothing. He cracked at that point, understandably.

Fast forward to today and I'm a mix of excited & anxious while part of me still thinks it's all a hoax and nothing will happen. I mean if it's a surprise they could just cancel it last minute and I'd never know right? I'm expecting the worst I swear and because that's how I'm thinking I may honestly be surprised tomorrow when whatever they're exactly planning gets pulled off.

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