Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yeah I'm definitely sick of being Pregnant

First off, general update. 36 weeks along now and as of yesterday 2 cm dialated so we're in the home stretch now!

In other news I've officially just become pissed at the world and really have no patience for anything. This is probably the result of lack of sleep coupled with being extremely uncomfortable. My Dr. says my ankles still exist so the swelling isn't That bad, but I beg to differ.

So the morning rant is on "friends" who regularly say sh*t to facebook status updates along the line of "if you need any help just ask" but yet can't respond back to e-mails to have a normal conversation. Yeah, this goes back to that friend I was trying to reconnect with months back. The person who I considered my closest friend for awhile and I was very hurt by the dwindling of that relationship. Months of utter BS have occurred. Early on I made multiple direct offers to invite her to come over, be it with the kids to hang out, for dinner etc. I even said specific days and/or weekends. She lives 5 minutes away too so the drive isn't an issue.

Now we're at a point where I've given up on e-mail conversations because I send one and they go back and forth 2 times or so but always leave off on mine having been the last. 2 weeks ago I recieve one from her! Oh wow! and Irespond right away (which happened to be early in the morning after she sent it) but I've never heard back. The only communication are some quick comments on status updates.

Honestly I thought I was over this but it seems that I'm not. Part of me wants to just blow up in an e-mail going WTF! and lay down exactly how I feel. Another part of me wants to delete her from everything and just move on. I don't know. I've never gone through these emotions really regarding a friendship. It's just driving me batty and I know the damn hormones aren't helping.


  1. Sorry about your friend. I am. I read a quote recently saying "A friend is someone who offers help. A true friend is someone who comes over and gives it without you having to ask."

  2. That's a great quote actually and reflects how I'm seeing our "friendship". I have many other "friends" (gotta love the quotes) who do similar things but I've never been as close at any point with them. Probably why them being that way doesn't bug me.

    And thank you for the regular support Jen.


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