Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shower Gifts

Last Sunday was my sister-in-laws baby shower. I went off the registry sorta. I made her a few things instead of just purchasing something off the registry. This was for my normal 2 reasons, 1.) she knows I care cause of the effort I put in and 2.) well it costs less. Yeah I know that isn’t always the best reason especially when it’s a gift but hey I’m getting pretty damn good at sewing so I think my gifts rocked!!

So what the hell did I make for her? 2 sets of a Boppy pillow cover with 2 matching burp clothes. I did this in two different patterns of a thin fleece material. I also made a very cute summer dress that is sized for 12 months so my little niece can run around in it next year. I also made matching bloomers to go under it.

They were all a huge hit amongst the other women at the shower and I felt great getting so many compliments on them. The burp clothes should be good and functional too. The fleece is actually sewn around a Gerber pre-fold diaper so the absorbency should be great. If baby bean #2 is prone to spitting up I may make her a few for us. With Lil’ R we used so few of burp clothes that I’m currently not bothering to make us any. For him it was receiving blankets galore, we went through loads of them.

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  1. Very cool! Burp cloths are an awesome gift. They're so useful and homemade ones work so much better than any of the ones you can buy.


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