Monday, January 31, 2011

Stripes Oh My

Plushie number 2 has been ZebraPlushie_1_2011 (14)completed. I would like to introduce my first zebra. One thing I need to work on is the scale. I've just been creating these guys on what fits on a single piece of paper and I would like them a tad bigger than that. I'm trying to fix that with my next critter. He's a tad bigger but not by too much though.

I actually took a series of photos as I worked on him. More than the ferret.

ZebraPlushie_1_2011 (1)

Here shows the zebra cut out using the freezer paper patterns. The pattern has no seam allowance so I just cut a bit larger than it. Doing that lets me see the smaller details that would be lost if I added a buffer around the guy.

ZebraPlushie_1_2011 (2)

First I stitched together the ear and attached it through the slit on his head and sewed on the muzzle to each of the 2 body pieces.

ZebraPlushie_1_2011 (3)

This shows how the ear is attached to the head through the slit. Make sure all the fabric is pulled in so that no loose strings will show around the ear.

ZebraPlushie_1_2011 (4)

The under gusset shown stitched together with one of the feet added.

ZebraPlushie_1_2011 (5)

A close up of the mane sandwiched between the two body pieces which are right sides together. This was very tricky. I had to think a bit about the placement so that when he was turned right side out the mane would be in the correct place.

ZebraPlushie_1_2011 (6)

The head all pinned up ready to sew. When the plushie is turned right side out the mane will stick straight up.

ZebraPlushie_1_2011 (7)

The plushie after turning. ZebraPlushie_1_2011 (9)

With the safety eyes added. I found these at Joann's though I know there are loads of online sellers too.

ZebraPlushie_1_2011 (13)

And finally stuffed. I purposely didn't sew the under gusset at the tops of the legs. I didn't want him to stand. He's intended for a small child and I though the laying down was cuter. I wanted him slightly floppy too.

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