Friday, January 28, 2011

Featured Influence: While She Naps

While She Naps is a blog I've mentioned previously but I can't say how much of a great influence this blog has been on me. It finally gave me the nuggets of information I needed to move forward in my desire to start designing and making plushies. This is something I've been thinking about for awhile now and finally I'm moving forward with it.

When she completes her series on the basics of plushie making I hope she combines into successful into a book. I know I'd buy it. Her manner of writing is clear and concise. Her photographs show what she is doing clearly. I rarely have questions regarding what she is showing. The biggest thing though is I find her incredibly inspiring. Since I first found this blog but 3 weeks ago I have created 2 plushies. Yes I finished a second one last night and he will be featured tomorrow. I may also provide the pattern I created for him if I can get it cleaned up and written out better.

Today's blog on While She Naps is about head gussets and I look forward to trying my hand at adding them into my toolbox of plushie making.

Happy creating!

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