Friday, March 18, 2011

Organizing My World Via Google: Part 1 Setting up a Google Account and a brief description of the programs available.

I'm always hearing other moms swap how they manage organizing all the little details of their life such as appointments, meal planning etc. I've come up with a method that works great for my family and this is organizing via Google.

The first thing to explain is your Google account is based off of a Gmail address. If you already have a Gmail account then you're one step ahead here if not just sign up for one for free. Now that you've made an account you have access to all of Goggles tools and everything will be saved for you. Anything you do can be accessed from any location. Also if you've fully drunk the Google Kool-aid like me you have Android phone (which is Google's mobile OS system) so everything syncs nicely. Once you have a Gmail address not only can you use it for e-mail but you can then use it as your login for anything Google. The chief programs I use are: Calendar, Reader, Docs, Blogger, Bookmarks, and Voice. Youtube and Picasa are also owned by Google and can be linked to your same Gmail account but we won't be going into those.

The biggest power of using Google items is the ability to work on something on one computer and access it without the use of an external storage device anywhere I want. I function primarily in two different locations in my life, home and work, but I need access to organizational tools in both these places. I did this for a few years and recently added in a third, my Android cell phone.


Google Calendar is exactly what it sounds like, it's a calendar but it has some extra functionality such as being able to make different calendars, share calendars, add items from e-mails, have a Task list, and import calendars from other sources.

Google Reader is an RSS Feed reader. It's where I read all my regular blogs and find some of the ideas for the stuff I create or learn new skills.

Google Docs is a simplified online Microsoft Office that allows sharing of spreadsheets, documents, forms, presentations across computers. It can also be used to view Microsoft or Openoffice Documents if you have neither program. It can even just be a storage place for other file types. You may not be able to view them but you can upload them for storage.

Blogger is the blog program I run this blog on so I don't think is needs much more explanation.

Google Bookmarks is my bookmarking program. I save everything based on tags and can access them from anywhere. No more worry about loosing bookmarks because they aren't local.

Google Voice is phone service where you can get a free phone number and make calls directly from your computer or even a cell phone if it has a data plan. I use mine for the free text messaging so I don't need a text plan on my cell phone and as a 2nd phone number. Currently that has little use but as I get closer to launching my store front it will have a purpose.


That about covers the basics, await part 2 for more details on how to use each to organize for a typical family.

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