Thursday, March 3, 2011

Going Mobile

I'm finding that I am entirely in love with living a mobile computing life. I knew I would though and I resisted updating entirely because of the cost of the phones and the monthly fees. I'm working on a longer post about how I'm integrating google into my organizing everything between my 3 primary computing devices, my office computer, my home desktop and my cell phone. I've been working using a portable system for quite awhile now but it relied on using my portable harddrive and the use of portable apps. I'm still doing this because not everything is easier mobile. Such as to really do a good blog post I prefer to do it on a computer and not my phone. The phone is great for the quick picture post but not for anything really longer.

I am learning that some of my previous systems are now useless. One such case is I spent a lot of time downloading and organizing all my recipes onto my harddrive and then hyperlinked them to a spreadsheet. I was going to use the spreadsheet to rate the recipes and make notes but in the end it just turned into a list. Now with my mobile phone I've gone back to using bookmarks so that I can access the recipe from my phone easily. I did try putting all the files on my phone but it is easier to read webpages then it is to read pdfs.

I'm soon going to be at the point where if I were to lose my phone I'd lose my entire life. Thank you google for backing it all up.

Work is kicking my butt this week but I promise to work on that fully flushed out, including screenshots of my phone to have it out by early next week.

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