Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good News on the Work Front

At the end of last year I finally completed my Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering that I had been working on for 4 years. Yeah, it took me a bit longer with having a child in the middle of it and working full time but I'm none now.

As a result of that I have gotten a raise at work, and no piddly one either but a 12% annual increase! It's enough to give us some breathing room as we work on paying off our debt. It also eleviates my fears about being able to afford insurance, gas, maintenance, etc. on a second car we're planning to get with our tax return.

Even with that good news for some reason I still had a nightmare last night worrying about money. Bad enough of one that I couldn't fall back asleep for quite awhile. I know this raise isn't enough to immediately fix all our financial woes, that is still going to take dedication and time, but it will really really help. I'm hoping that by the end of the year we'll be a much better place in that regard. I know of one debt, the hospital bill from Lil' R's birth we'll be done with in September. That'll free up more to pay towards the credit cards. After the credit cards will be getting rid of the student loans and once we're done with that I guess we'll move onto the mortgage.

With this extra money per paycheck I need to evaluate how much can be allotted towards our debt. First though are a few outstanding medical bills that need to be caught up on. Like an ER visit with the baby last December. Ugh, it's always something isn't it?


  1. Delayed congrats on the Masters!!!! It's such a fabulous feeling to be DONE with that thing, isn't it? But then, yes, you turn around and realize all the debt that piled up while you were earning it. Been there. Double whammy of congrats and good luck ;-)

  2. Congratulations! Money worries take forever to go away, it seems like. But you're on a great track to get debt paid off. Congrats again to you!


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