Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Who is this nutty person?

So yet another blog has popped up in the blogsphere and I'll admit this isn't my first attempt. I've suffered from too high of expectations which result in less than stellar results and eventually discontinuing my attempts. I finally decided I'm just going to write and try to connect with others that are doing the same. No current aspirations of making any money from this venture or spinning off a sellable brand. If that is to come in the future I'll let it come naturally. I've just come to realize I need some form of outlet, so here it is.

First of where did the name Finagling Life come from? We all know trying to name something isn't easy and I went through a lot of different names before this one came to me. The thoughts behind it through is that's how I feel at times about how I life. I feel that I'm constantly finagling things to keep the day to day functionality of my life going. I'm both a geek and an engineer so I often imagine this as an act of MacGyver getting out of any situation with just his brains and a few random items. I'm sure everyone feels that way from time to time. Possibly more often now with the current state of affairs.

I'm often finagling a lot, often just trying to get everything done. I'm the primary provider for our household working as an environmental engineer while my husband is a stay at home dad taking care of our toddler son. We're still working on how the responsibilities at home work as I was raised by a stay at home mom myself and find many domestic activities to come naturally to me. I'm also an avid crafter. I love creating things and seeing raw material become something more. I hope to show off some of my creations here from time to time.

Until next time.

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