Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Traditions


Everyone has their holiday traditions and as kids we remember them so fondly. As a child my father put together a hay ride that would take all the children around the neighborhood. One year it got so large that there were three different tractors with trailers driving around. It was like a hay ride bus system. It was such a wonderful experience that I would love to be able to pull off something similar in the future for Lil' R and any future sibling(s).

Us having just bought our first home and this being Lil' R's first Halloween we can participate in we've just started trying to think what Our traditions will be. Right now our only standing traditions are decorating and going trick or treating. I learned the other day about a tradition called being Boo'd where you leave a basket of goodies at 2 neighbors houses and a ghost to hang from their doorknob (to let everyone know they'd already been Boo'd) along with a note in the form of a poem asking them to do the same for 2 neighbors. The key is it must be done anonymously. We're considering trying to start that next year.

What are some of everyone else's family Halloween traditions? Or what were some traditions that you celebrated as a kid?

And now for some gratuitous pictures of Halloween decorations I made.

Spider2-10-09  Ghost1-10-09

A felt spider with pipe cleaners as legs and googly eyes. Also a ghost made from stiffened cheese cloth over a styrofoam ball with googly eyes,  a black ribbon.

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  1. I don't know that we have Halloween traditions yet. We live in a very rural area, so no Boo'ing or Trick or Treating. This year we went to a corn field maze....that was fun and we'll probably do that again. We also went to the Halloween bash at the zoo, but that was really geared for older kids so I don't think we'll do that next year.


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