Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall is in the air, it means time to look busy!

Fall often becomes an extremely hectic time for our household; with the weather becoming cooler there are often an immense number of activities to do. This year is no exception and actually it's possibly even more true with the addition of our new home.  So on top of the normal fall activities such as creating Lil' R's Halloween costume, he's going to be a knight this year and KnightCostume10-2009the dog a dragon, there are outfits for an upcoming event for the hubby and I, Halloween decorations and decorating and the multitude of household things.  The picture to the left is of the tunic in progress. I hand stitched the dragon to the front of it. I'm incredibly proud of how this costume is turning out. It isn't going to be too complicated comprising the tunic, a hood made to look like chain mail, a belt, and his shield which also will hold his candy. I've been debating on pants, even having started a pair but I may just put him in jeans. A sword is still in the works and I'm sure we'll just get a plastic one from the store. I'm contemplating dressing the hubby up as a wizard to travel around with Lil' R as he trick or treats. We'll see how well that one goes over later.

Among the multitude of household things that we would like done within a reasonable time frame is replacing/repairing the screens for many of the windows.  Next time the weather drops to 80 as the high I want to be able to open the house up and enjoy! The list of all that needs to be done for the house is astronomical so I won't even begin to list it. I'm sure everyone will hear about it soon enough.

I hope to have more pictures of Lil' R's costume in progress tomorrow.

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  1. I am waiting not at all patiently for the promised cooler weather. That cool snap last week cannot be the full extent of fall/winter, but I have fears on that score. :)


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