Friday, October 30, 2009

Vacation Time!

In just 2 and a half hours <<crossing my fingers>> I'll be starting my more than a week of vacation. I won't be returning to the office until November 9th. This will be the longest vacation I have ever taken since beginning working full-time and not counting maternity leave. Crazy as people think I am I only took 3 weeks off. Our plans are fairly simple, on Tuesday we'll be heading out to go to Florida Pagan Gathering to celebrate Samhain, attend a wedding, enjoy the great fall weather and spend time with friends. I'm so anxious to be a gettin' with the fun but there is so much to do in the next few days. I'll be sewing like a fiend again tonight as I'm making a cloak for the hubby. I need to finish the brooches for my Viking Apron dress. All sorts of business tomorrow with Halloween PLUS I need to work on my take home midterm for my graduate class. Plan to post tomorrow with pictures of the finished clothing projects if all the Halloween events don't get in the way.

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