Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Links

I've added 3 new and I think major links to the reference page.

These links are to 3 of my personal notebooks in Evernote and are constantly updated with information I find around the web. I know I've gone on and on about how much I love Evernote and really I can't say enough. Those should show you the power of it. I have craft projects from sewing, to crochet, to knitting, along with felt food, and cupcakes. The projects notebook at this exact moment contains 137 notes. I'm sure by the end of the day their will be at least 5 more. Earlier today I clipped multiple tutorials from around the web on felt food. I've tried my best to ensure that all notes link back properly to their source.

Many of the project notes contain .pdfs or files that contain a pattern or the instructions. Please enjoy and continue to check back in with all the folders.

My Collections

I have a zillion different notebooks including one on recipes. In time I may share that one to the public also but at the moment I'm still trying to collect and compile it to be a good representation of what I have. For a long time I downloaded all my recipes as .pdfs to my computer and after awhile that did not lend well to good sorting. The technique was good for archiving everything  but one of the powers of Evernote is the ability to tag every note and search by tags or just words within a note.

I've thought of doing link round ups and posting some of these hear to the blog directly but I'm unsure as to what everyone wants to see. Are their any types of projects that someone is most interested in? If so I'll keep an eye out among my blog roll and post them as they come through.

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