Monday, January 25, 2010

Worries lead to plans lead to outcomes?

So far I've only used this blog for simple musings and not as a daily outlet. I'd like to change that and hopefully now that I have a desktop again at home, thanks to my wonderful hubby for scrounging one together for me for Christmas I may be better equipped to. Up unto this point and currently I've been blogging only from my office which is one of the reason for the sporadic updates. I previously only had a laptop at home which was sorely feeling it's age along with missing it's "K" key thanks to Lil' R. My intention with this blog has never been to make money off of it but more as a way to talk about what's going on and hopefully make a few friends while doing it.

I've actually had the beginning of this blog as a draft for 2 weeks due to work 'getting' in the way. Maybe I'm being too ambitious and intimidating myself out of writing. So first we make a new goal. To write at least every other day even if it's only a paragraph. I'm a very habit based person and this needs to be treated like creating a new habit. If after a month it's going strong then we'll start working on better content. Until then you have to suffer. Be back soon I swear!

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