Thursday, January 28, 2010

Damn you Hormones

Probably the thing I hate most about being pregnant and the time after is the negative affect the increased hormones have on me. I've been fighting depression anyway since I was about 14 and now I've seen it escalate to extreme levels I've never experienced before. I hate how sensitive I am and I hate how easily upset I get. Hubby and I are trying to work on it but each of our natural ways of reacting seems to be the wrong thing when it comes to the other.  A simple example is that I begin to tear up, he stops saying things to me because he thinks it'll make me more upset he's explained where I interrupt this as rejection of my feelings and an unwillingness to work things out. Hence; I get even more upset, he pulls away more and I end up in a very very dark place.

Now that I'm finally, after many years, getting a smallest idea of why he reacts some of the ways he does it helps a smidgen. So I spent a bit of the morning Googling information on couples and communication. I learned some about how men and women communicate differently. How men tend to read between the lines in regards to social standing where women read between the lines on a more empathetic approach. It made a lot of sense to me because I see that often in misunderstandings. I feel I'm not really being listened to where he feels that I'm belittling his accomplishments or contributions.

The hormones just make it all the worse and I can't wait until I'm threw with them. Oh yah that may not be for 2 more years. I went through post-partum with my son for 18 months. Damn this is going to suck.


  1. The communication problems are always hard. I will complain about work and my general feeling is that I need someone to just support me and say "Oh that sucks." but my husband likes to fix the problem and say things like "Well, maybe you should . . ." and it kills me.

  2. Oh, hun. I relate. I've struggled with depressive tendencies my whole life, but man do they really come out when I'm pregnant. I've never been diagnosed with PPD but I'd bet my life I had it this last time. It's just miserable to feel this way when you're supposed to be so blissed out...**hugs**


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