Wednesday, October 6, 2010


The kids are doing great but I'm definitely feeling overwhelmed. Having 2 young children, working full time while trying maintain a semblance of a decent well run household is wearing me down. I've almost finished implementing a menu planning method that is making things slightly easier. At least I'm no longer having to wonder what dinner is but as a result I'm making better meals (a plus) but they take more prep work and more dishes to clean. I've also started trying to schedule chores through the week to take the load off the weekend. The result seems to be that I'm doing more work because I'm not neglecting as many things anymore. On top of it all work is sucking right now and I'm stressed over a few set backs we've had in getting our debt paid off. I'm sure I'd be handling all of this better if I was getting adequate sleep but the wee rose has only slept through the night once and there has yet to be a repeat performance. Other than that she's a wonderful baby, she's very happy and only occasionally cranky to where nothing will consol her.

I'm just stressed to the max and I see no end in sight. ::le sigh::

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