Monday, December 21, 2009

Growing Family

One reason I've been absent for a few weeks is that other than just busy life my efficiency rate has dropped severely. The reason why? TaDa....


Yep, we're expecting another little addition to the family who should be arriving around July 20th. I don't have my first doctor's appointment until after the first of the year because we have new insurance starting so the due date may change. Pregnancy hormones are definitely screwing with me, I'm exhausted always and I can't focus on anything for very long it seems. Getting through a work day competently takes almost everything out of me it seems. Ugh.. So now other than hearing about my adventures in crafting I'll also be sharing the adventures on having a 2nd little one. Any advise from those of you out there with multiple little ones already?


  1. ahhhhh!!!! Congrats! See, this is what happens when I don't visit blogs regularly, y'all go and get knocked up!

    Well, my last 2 are only 19 mos apart. My oldest was 11 1/2 when the second was born.

    Hold on for the ride of your life! My best advice is to just remember that every baby is different. What one did at 9 months, the other might do at 6 mos or at 15 mos. And when your first might have never slept, the new one might sleep through the night at 2 mos. Just take it a day at a time and expect the unexpected! And enjoy.

  2. Thanks Tracy, I'm sure we're in for a whole new adventure. So far it's all been good though.


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