Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Can we just have a Lazy Holiday?

This is our first holiday season in our new house and as such we've been trying to make the most out of it. We decorated the house inside and out. In the process spending way more money then we'd put aside for the year to cover holiday expenses. Next year should be less right? For some reason I doubt that so we'll now be setting aside more money per paycheck to cover the yearly damage. Even thougChristmas2009 018h next year we'll have another small one to buy gifts for they'll only be about 5 months old so I don't think it will be anything extreme. 

Besides financial things through the holiday season is that we're also hosting the family dinner. Originally my husbands family was also going to be coming down but due to unforeseen issues with his sister's job they had to cancel. It will just be my brother's family, us and my father. So not too much but we'll be hosting my dad for two days. This is a first and I'm a bit nervous about it. I've always been the apartment dweller of the family who didn't have the room to host any events so I was always the guest. This is my first big dinner. I'm just a hair bit nervous about it. I had a trial run last Sunday when my Mom came over but I just made a large lasagna for everyone, not turkey and all the fixings.

An update to my crafts to do list. In the picture is our dog Belle sleeping on the tree skirt I finished. I also finished Lil' R's stocking and I'll take a picture of that later, maybe after Santa has filled it up.

I do declare Saturday to be a lazy day for leftovers and TV watching.

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