Thursday, April 28, 2011

First Line of Bow Designs

I finally have photos of some finished products up. I've produced 6 different designs in the bows and 7 bottle caps that can be interchanged. The latter was Hubby's idea and I think it was a great one. 4 of the bows represent the 4 elements while the others are more in tune with the 5th element, spirit. The bows are all 4 inches wide whereas the bottle caps are 1 inch in diameter.

Hairbows_2011-04 009_2


The bow that I am calling Air along with the Air bottle cap.

Hairbows_2011-04 011_2


The Earth bow with the Earth bottle cap.

Hairbows_2011-04 017_2


The Fire bow and bottle cap.

Hairbows_2011-04 012_2


The Water bow and bottle cap.

Hairbows_2011-04 014_2

Black and silver bow


Pentacle bottle cap


Triquestra bottle cap



Purple and Black bow with pentacle bottle cap on and off.


If you would like to get into making bows yourself it is quite easy. On the references page I have up many links to sites I found useful for free tutorials. Also check out Youtube. I didn't spend anything on materials or tutorials and neither does anyone else. There is plenty of free material on the web.

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